Travel Niche Case Study: 3.9X ROAS Achieved in Just 14 Days

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Within a 14-day period, we successfully generated $93,000 in total revenue, achieving a 3.9X return on ad spend (ROAS).

About The Client

Our client has a business in the travel industry and we’ll be covering how we were able to help them generate a 3.9X ROAS and $93,000 in revenue in just 14 days.

The biggest needle mover for this client was using YouTube in-stream ads and responsive video ads.

The Task at Hand

We were able to scale this account multiple times to $4 - $7K a day profitable ad spend. 

There were certain moments where performance decreased, however, we were able to successfully get the account to bounce back, performance-wise. 

With our experience, we knew what levers to pull and what strategies to implement to get the account to where it is now.

Why Linx?

We were chosen to do the job because we are subject matter experts at everything related to scaling profitably, with YouTube Ads. And our client’s situation wasn’t particularly new to us. We were familiar with this industry and had a plan of action in place. 

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Our Process

We started off by putting in the work to make sure there was consistency across the account. 

This was achieved through fine-tuning the ads and determining which locations would be the best to advertise in.

Optimizing Our Media Buying Process

The warm campaigns were responsible for driving the majority of the revenue generated for this client. In fact, we have a certain structure for warm campaigns. 

We used different landing pages. 

This means we had to create different product offer pages and we created audiences based on add to cart.

One example was the “three days warm audience” - the hottest leads you can remarket to because they have seen an ad within the last 3 days. 

By targeting this audience, we encouraged prospects to take action and make a purchase.

One particular campaign, shown in the image below, brought in half of the revenue over this 14-day time period. 

It got 155 purchases and a great CPA. We got a 9.46X ROAS for this particular campaign which included the view-throughs.

The main thing is having your back end built. This means making sure your warm audiences are nice and pixeled. That's what made all the difference in our account. 

We also had a lot of cold campaigns running which were basically feeding this warm campaign.

It’s important to have a combination of cold and warm campaigns - this is the key to scaling. 

You can only scale to a point with warm campaigns. 

It’s helpful if you have cold campaigns that have a decent ROAS.

The main takeaways are that you want to analyze the type of campaigns that are performing well on your account. If it's an in-market audience you’ll want to have different ads that can carry the account and potentially expand across multiple campaigns and different audiences. 

One of the major tests that we did is the bid strategy. A lot of these campaigns have been using target CPA with a certain bid but we come to find that there's a specific bid that has worked across multiple campaigns. And we essentially went off of that.

For this account in particular we also used responsive video ads and a CPV test too. 

Two responsive video ads in particular, made up a total of $5300 of ad spend and a 3X ROAS.

We also put together a CPV test on a warm campaign where we were able to generate a 4.56X ROAS with an ad spend of $86. 

Now, it’s possible this may not continue to deliver the same results in the long run, but it goes to show that it’s worth testing and figuring out what’s right for your offer. 

Lastly, we also did a gradual vertical scale. 

Everyone wants to scale right away, but all it does is shock the algorithm. 

You see, increasing budgets dramatically in a matter of days, is not the way to go for longevity. If the performance of a campaign persists for 2-3 days, you’ll want to increase the budget by 15-20 each time. 

When starting with a budget of $50-100 it’s easy to ramp up the budget to $300 gradually. 

But once you reach the $200-300 mark, you’ll want to gradually increase the budget by 10-15% increments. 

It’s a more stabilizing way of scaling your account. 

The Results

In conclusion, the key to our success with this client was a combination of successful warm campaigns while also launching cold campaigns that would essentially feed the warm campaigns.

And once we had winning ads we could put them to the test with other audiences and that sums up what we’ve done to get this kind of result for this client. You can also watch this case study broken down, here:

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