How Community Influencer Achieved a 3x ROAS on an Automated Webinar in the Real Estate Niche ($180,000 from $62,000 spend)

Real Estate Case Study [Webinar Business]
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3x ROAS with YouTube Ads ($180,000 in Revenue)

About the Client

Community Influencer provides education to real estate agents and teaches them how to close real estate deals by becoming an influencer in their community.  Their main training program is a $997 course.  Their main traffic channel was Facebook Ads, however, they were quickly reaching a plateau and realized the potential to add scale with YouTube Advertising.  Their end goal is to become the number 1 education company for real estate agents.

A major problem was that Facebook Ads has been cracking down on advertisers in 2020 leading to many unfair account suspensions, and Community Influencer realized the importance of diversifying traffic sources to protect against this risk.

Why Linx

There are many “Multi-channel” agencies that throw in YouTube as a part of their marketing mix.

Community Influencer didn’t want to hire a generalist agency, but rather wanted true channel experts at YouTube Advertising.

Their focus was on achieving rapid scale.

Community Influencer discovered Linx through a mutual contact, and was impressed by Linx’s strong case studies and sole focus on direct response YouTube Advertising.

Our Process

Linx started the engagement with an in-depth audit and discovery process where we analyzed their marketing funnel, scripted high-converting video ads, built an ad strategy, and set up tracking.

Overcoming Creative Issues

When we launched ads, initial results were promising, however Click-through rates were sub-optimal.  This is usually a sign that the ads needed improvements.  Our creative team did a deep dive into the ads and found that a key issue was the tone of delivery.

We provided guidance and coaching to help Community Influencers create new ads that started performing better.  We also edited the ads with our unique Click-Through Increaser Edits with our video editing team.  This led to a very strong ad performance with over 2% click-through rates (typically account averages are around 1.5%). This meant clicks cost less and we were able to drive webinar signups for $4-6/registrant, and were able to start getting sales at a 3 to 1 Return on Ad Spend at a lower spend.

While we improved the creative, we also rapidly tested audiences.  We prioritized audience testing based on the types of audiences that work best for YouTube Ads.  We quickly found winning audiences and used our scaling formula to start scaling spend while maintaining a 3x ROAS.

Some of the specific audiences that worked the best at over a 3 to 4x Return on Ad Spend:

1) Custom Affinity: Real Estate Coaches

This audience was a custom intent audience based on common Google searches for real estate coaches.  With custom intent audiences you can target audiences that are specifically searching for certain keywords on

2) Custom Intent: Real Estate Ads

A custom intent audience based on search keywords related to real estate advertising

3) Custom Intent: Keeping Current Matters

This is a custom affinity audience based on another real estate training company, basically Google finds people that Google thinks are similar to people who visit that website, it’s not very precise but the audiences work well for scale

After Scaling Ad Spend

As we scaled ad spend to $2000 a day we generated over $180,000 in revenue from about 62k in spend.  This meant nearly $118,000 in profit on an automated webinar with no cost of fulfillment.

Our cost per sale ended up at $347 for a $997 purchase.

This was a huge win for the client as it allowed them to diversify from Facebook Ads and reduced their fear of having their business grind to a halt if Facebook ever suspends their ad account.

It was also an additional revenue source that helped them drastically increase their monthly revenues and provided a reliable source of new sales for their business.

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The results were a 3x ROAS for our client

Next Steps for This Client

1) Build out a high-ticket backend offer ($5000 to $10,000).  A significant portion of the client’s audiences is larger real estate businesses that need higher level coaching.  A potential wall we see is that at around $2000/day spend, costs are creeping up and will further go up as we scale to $5000/day.  To counteract that and keep profitability high while increasing total volume, a high-ticket offer is key.  Almost every industry leader has multiple levels of offers which allows them to outbid their competitors.

2) As the higher-ticket offer is added, aggressively scale to $5000/day and focus on massive customer acquisition to become a leader in the real estate industry.

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