We are a group of seasoned marketers, storytellers & trendsetters, who are obsessed about getting you results.

Our mantra at Linx is to form long dynamic partnerships with clients that align our shared goals of rapid growth, stability, and being on the cutting edge.We aren't ones to shy away from the latest trends and fads. We embrace a culture of innovation and experimentation. Never have an ego and think that we know it all, which leads us to constantly learn and improve.

World-changing ideas originate when you put people from diverse backgrounds in the same room

(or zoom room)

We were remote before being remote was cool. We pride ourselves on having a team that is truly global, spanning over 5 continents and many times timezones. That allows us to be accountable 24/7 and gives our accounts & campaigns a global reach.

At our core, we are all about.

Growth & Scaling

Innovation &

Transparency and

Collaboration and

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