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6X ROAS Increase

The campaign achieved a 6X ROAS, indicating a significant return on the investment made in the campaign.

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, achieving significant results with a lower spend can be a daunting challenge. This case study explores how we tackled this challenge for a client offering a high-ticket service, aiming to reach new customers who had not previously interacted with the brand. Through strategic use of Google Search campaigns and careful keyword selection, we were able to generate impressive results, even on a limited budget.

Our approach, results, learnings, and the impact of this campaign are detailed in the following sections. For those who prefer a more dynamic format, a video version of this case study is also available below, providing an engaging visual walkthrough of our journey to success.

The Client

The client offers a high-ticket service and was looking to expand their reach and increase their sales. They had been getting a lot of visibility and conversions from YouTube, their main marketing channel. However, they decided to diversify their marketing efforts and give Google Search a try.

The Challenge

The challenge was to generate significant results with a lower spend on the Google Search side. The campaign was designed to target cold traffic, meaning it aimed to reach new customers who had not previously interacted with the brand.

Why Linx?

As a recognized expert in the field of paid advertising and our proven ability to drive profitability, it was a logical choice for our client to seek our help. Our history of success — demonstrated by the numerous case studies we have completed — inspired the client and reinforced their trust in our capacity to assist.

With a profound comprehension of the unique demands and intricacies of the e-commerce market, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project we take on. This enabled us to swiftly identify and tackle the challenges our client was encountering, leading to the accomplishment of their desired outcomes.

The Approach

The campaign was run from October of the previous year to the present day, with a total spend of $24,239. The strategy involved the use of a variety of keywords related to Amazon businesses and Amazon FBA Business for sale, which were relevant to the high-ticket offer.

The campaign was scaled at times to $1,500 a week, but at other times it was a bit sporadic. Despite this, the results that were achieved from $24,000 in spend were three sales, generating $150,000 in revenue.

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The Results

The campaign achieved a 6X return on ad spend (ROAS) from $24,000 in spend. This led to the client becoming overbooked, causing the campaign to be paused temporarily. 

In addition, the success of the campaign led to an increase in demand for the client's services, to the point where they had to pause the campaign temporarily and hire more salespeople to handle the increased bookings.

The Learnings

It's definitely possible to get these types of results with Google Search, even if it's not the main channel. The strategy was really trying out a combination of different audiences or keywords around Amazon business, Amazon FBA Business for sale, which is part of this particular offer.

The Future

The success of this campaign demonstrates the potential of Google Search campaigns, even when they are not the main channel. The results from this campaign complemented the results from the YouTube campaigns, leading to a total of $1.4 million in revenue and $1.2 million in profit from a total ad spend of $270,000 across both channels. 

The client is now looking to continue leveraging both Google Search and YouTube campaigns to further grow their business.

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