How We Generated Leads at 40% Conversion Rate with TikTok Ads [Online Education Niche]

TikTok Case Study
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From zero to 57 leads in 7 days at a 40% conversion rate

Right now in 2022, TikTok offers the best platform to diversify your marketing efforts with little to no competition. The social media giant is truly booming right now, and businesses that fail to recognize its potential early on will miss out on a tremendous opportunity to position themselves long term.

This is why in this TikTok case study, we’ll unveil the exact strategies we implemented to generate high-quality leads at 40% conversion rate for one of our clients by advertising on TikTok.

But before we jump into it, let’s begin with some context.

About Our Client’s Niche

The following results are from an offer in the info-product (online education) space. It starts off with a free trial offer that entices customers to sign up for a monthly recurring membership. Once he’s in; the customer has access to specific health and wellness-related courses for 14 days. After this time expires, they can decide to either continue with the program or drop off.

The Underlying Problem

This client had been running campaigns on Facebook and Google Search successfully… but there came a point where he was no longer pleased with the results he was getting on these platforms. 

He felt he was dramatically handicapping his success by not advertising on other mediums — and knew there must be another way to drive more leads to his offer and take his business to the next level.

Hence, he did what any other business owner would naturally do in his position: diversify his marketing channel.

He looked for Linx Digital as a natural option to expand his channel and leverage our 5 years of video ad experience to his advantage.

Long story short, we got to work.

Starting with YouTube Ads, we embarked on the mission to identify the ideal prospect and strategy for his offer, and eventually, got his business to the point where he began to acquire consistent leads from YouTube Ads.

And this by itself was great. But we weren’t done yet.

This initial touchpoint served as a benchmark to showcase our expertise at scaling good offers to the moon via paid advertising. Yet truth be told, this was just the tip of the iceberg…

Next up was TikTok.

TikTok Ads: A True Blue Ocean Opportunity

Our client recognized that if he wanted to get any form of competitive edge over his competitors… he would need to ride the trends while they were still popping.

And TikTok Ads aren’t only booming right now, but the results they’re providing to businesses are unlike anything currently available in the market.

In our last case study here, we shared the exact results/metrics we managed to get after spending more than $25,000 in 60 days with TikTok advertising.

And as you’re about to figure out in the rest of the case study… this was not a fluke.

TikTok is truly offering competitive CPCs, CTRs, CPLs, and CPAs — which are essentially all of the Ad metrics that matter — that rival the likes of Facebook and YouTube.

Coupled with a good marketing strategy implemented to the tee, this can help move the needle for your business in a great deal.

And you’re about to discover how we pulled it off.

Ad Campaign Setup & Conversion Tracking

Since the main goal for this client was:

1. Lowering CPLs (overall cost per lead) and

2. Increasing opt-in rates (aka higher conversions)

There was a bit of legwork we needed to get accomplished first.

For starters, we began by setting up a TikTok pixel to track web conversions as they came along on the site. This served as crucial because from then on; we were able to optimize every single aspect of the campaign based on this factor.

When it comes to info products, optimizing your landing page for conversions is one of the highest ROI activities you can do for the overall success of your funnel.

Outside of the Ad, the landing page is the very first contact your prospect has with your offer; so you might as well make a sound first impression.


For targeting, we really wanted to zero in on our client’s customer avatar. 

So in order to really drive home this concept, we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • What is our ideal prospect looking for?
  • What are his/her interests?
  • What makes this person tick?

We know that females between the ages of 25 - 54 were the ideal prospect for this offer. Especially considering that the program consisted of health & wellness for the most part.

To further narrow down our targeting, we tested several ad groups with different interests + targeting options, ranging from “yoga-lovers” to “health and wellness” interests. 

So which targeting option turned out to be the winner?  It is actually a combination of 2 interests: the well-being + healthy lifestyle interest.

And as you might know already, TikTok comes with a wide range of tools and targeting options media buyers can use to narrow down the scope of their targeting. From video to creator to hashtag interactions — and even specific interests too.

But admittedly, good targeting wouldn’t do anything by itself… if it didn’t go hand in hand with a great creative strategy that brings home the customers.

Our Creative Strategy

As with any other platform, you can’t expect to carbon copy the same type of advertising you run on Facebook and hope it’ll work on TikTok. 

With that in mind, we split tested our creatives on Tiktok, and found that our best performing ads have the following characteristics:

1. They appear native to the platform (as in, the ads look similar to organic TikTok videos)

2. Cater to the short-attention span of TikTok users: We make sure our messaging is aimed to get to the point quickly, with a clear call-to-action that encourages the viewer to sign up for a free trial.

For this ad campaign, the TikTok ad type we used is In-Feed ads.

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This TikTok case study was a result of a 7-day campaign, where we helped our client get a total of 57 conversions (email opt-ins) with a $212 ad spend. 

tiktok ads campaign results table - case study
Results of our 7-day campaign with TikTok Ads. With this client, our TikTok ad costs were $1.50 CPC.

CTR (click through rate) has been 2.2% so far (which is phenomenal, considering a good CTR for TikTok Ads is above 1%).

We managed to keep the CPA (cost-per acquisition) low at $3.73 ($212 ad spend/57 conversions = $3.73 cost-per-acquisition). 

This is huge because CPAs measure how much it generally costs you to acquire a new customer.

Another big win is how we managed to get a 40% conversion rate on this ad campaign. That means that 40% of people who clicked on our TikTok ad signed up for our client’s email opt-in offer! 

Now, just in case you’re not aware of it, that’s insanely high. Average conversion rates in paid advertising is typically well below 5%. 

Within just 7 days, we managed to help our client achieve high quality leads, at a low cost-per-lead, with a 40% conversion rate. If we have to sum it up how we accomplished this within just a short time frame, here is our process:

1. Having a good creative

2. Testing, testing, and more testing to find the best target audience (we tested multiple interests + hashtags)

3. Ensure that the landing page is optimized for conversions

So what are the next steps with this client when it comes to TikTok advertising?

Now that we have our winning ad creative + targeting option honed in, our next steps with this client (and this is our favorite part) is to scale this TikTok ads campaign by increasing the ad spend. 

Anywho, here’s a clear graph showing you exactly where the client was at before working with us — and where he is now.

Before and After Linx

chart showing diversify traffic source with Linx Digital
We helped our client diversify with YouTube and TikTok ads, while generating more leads and sales at low cost-per-lead

If you’re interested in checking out the results of this TikTok case study for yourself, our expert media buyer, Andres, made a full video recently showcasing our client’s dashboard.

Click below to give it a look and see why TikTok ads is a great way to generate online leads.

If you want to find out more about what TikTok Ads could do for your business, jump on a free strategy call with us so we can advise you on how we can help you take your company to the next level!