Branded PPC Campaign Case Study: How We Turned Warm Traffic into $1.6M Profit

PPC Campaign
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Increase in Sales

The campaign led to over $1.7 million in revenue and $1.6 million in profit in nearly two years.

About The Client

We worked with a business that needed to enhance its online presence through branded PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. 

The main focus was on targeting warm traffic already familiarized with the brand through other marketing efforts like Facebook ads, Instagram, and TikTok.

The branded search campaign's goal was to give potential customers peace of mind before taking action, ensuring they feel secure in their purchasing decision.

The Task at Hand

Our task was to bid on keywords related to the brand, such as the brand name, and abbreviated name, along with the brand plus reviews, cost, and pricing. 

The goal was to tap into specific warm traffic, targeting people who were searching for the brand to validate their decision to purchase from the company. 

This campaign was crucial, acting as the last stage of the funnel, influencing sales alongside other mediums. For example, YouTube Ad campaigns. 

Why Us?

We were chosen for our expertise in PPC campaigns and our ability to identify and utilize brand-related keywords. 

Our client needed someone who could create a branded search campaign to tap into those final validation searches before making a purchase.

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Our Process

We initiated a branded PPC campaign that focused on targeting keywords related to the brand's name and other associated terms like reviews, cost, and pricing. 

Our goal was to capture the warm traffic of individuals who were already familiar with the brand and were seeking validation or more information.

The whole point of our branded search campaign was to tap into these keywords and search terms, allowing prospective customers to confirm their choice before taking action. 

This campaign reached people at various stages of the buying process, whether at the beginning or after watching a training webinar.

A significant example of our process can be seen in the journey of a customer who went through our YouTube funnel in May. 

They booked a call, and on the very same day, went online to click on our Google ad multiple times. 

After attending the call on May 31, they finally signed up for our client’s program on July 15. 

This journey showcased the critical nurturing process that took place over a couple of months, emphasizing the importance of a branded search campaign in converting leads.

Optimizing Campaign and Monitoring Results

We maintained one robust campaign, modifying budgets and adjusting different things from a branding perspective, but with minimal legwork. 

The cost per call was just $128, and we saw over 361 sales attributed to this particular campaign. 

Multiple examples showed how people would investigate via Google Search right before payment, underscoring the importance of branded search campaigns.

The Results

Our branded PPC campaign led to over $1.7 million in revenue and $1.6 million in profit in nearly two years. 

With very little optimization needed, our efforts resulted in a significant impact on the client's business. 

The successful combination of well-chosen keywords, a strong understanding of the customer journey, and diligent monitoring of the process led to this outstanding success.

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