PPC Campaign Boost: A YouTube Growth Case Study

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80% Growth Revenue Increase

The client experienced a substantial rise in net revenue, soaring from approximately $18,000 in January to $34,400 in May. This revenue growth was a direct outcome of effective sales conversions and the strategic implementation of both Google Search and YouTube campaigns.

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns have emerged as a powerful advertising option. They offer businesses the opportunity to reach their target audience at the right time with the right message, driving high-quality traffic to their platforms. PPC campaigns provide immediate visibility on search engines, allow for precise audience targeting, and deliver measurable results, making them an attractive choice for businesses seeking to boost their online presence and drive conversions.

In this case study, we explore how a subscription-based YouTube growth platform leveraged these advantages of PPC campaigns to significantly enhance their business performance. Faced with the challenge of maintaining account performance while increasing trial signups and sales, they embarked on a strategic journey with PPC. The result? A substantial increase in trial signups, a successful conversion of these trials into sales, and a doubling of their revenue. Read on to discover the strategies employed, the results achieved, and the valuable insights gained from this successful PPC campaign.

The Client

The client offers a subscription-based platform product that helps grow YouTube channels by increasing views and subscriber engagement. They were running search ads and YouTube campaigns with a spend of around 12K from January 1st through June 30th.

The Challenge

The challenge was to maintain performance on the account while running these campaigns. They were looking to increase trial signups and convert these into sales.

The Strategy

The strategy involved running search PPC campaigns with keywords related to growing a YouTube channel, getting more views, and growing a YouTube subscriber list. The campaigns were complemented by what was being done on YouTube as well. The client used a reporting tool called Metorik to measure performance, store orders, track churn rate, and monitor subscriptions and trial signups.

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The Results: a Summary

The campaigns resulted in 197 trials and 78 total sales, with a cost per sale under $170, which works for the client given their lifetime value of over $250 to $300. The client was able to increase their net revenue from around $18,000 in January to $34,400 in May.

The Learnings

Search PPC campaigns, especially those with high intent keywords, can play a significant role in maintaining performance on an account. Branded search campaigns, in particular, can result in a lot of trial signups and a good clickthrough rate.

What’s Next

The success of these campaigns demonstrates the potential of search PPC campaigns, especially those with high intent keywords. The results from these campaigns played a significant role in maintaining performance on the account and increasing the client's net revenue. 

The client is now able to generate more views and engage subscribers on their YouTube channels. They are looking to continue leveraging both Google Search and YouTube campaigns to further grow their business.

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