How Helium10 got 1000+ new customers and pocketed a 541x ROI with YouTube Ads

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1000+ New Customers, at 541x ROI with YouTube Ads

For this SaaS case study, learn how our creative and targeting strategy with YouTube Ads helped Amazon research tool provider Helium10 get 1000+ new customers.

About Our Client

Helium10 is a SaaS company that provides a suite of tools to help Amazon FBA sellers conduct product research, market analysis, and inventory management. Customers sign up for a monthly subscription to get access to Helium10's software.

Helium10 relied mostly on traditional customer acquisition models such as trade shows, industry events, and strategic partnerships.

With respect to digital advertising, Helium10 dabbled with some Facebook advertising to acquire customers.

This client had no prior YouTube advertising strategy, nor much video advertising experience overall.

Why Linx Digital

Helium 10 approached Linx in 2018, because we were the leading marketing agency in the Amazon Niche.

They also had never done much video marketing before and wanted not just another agency but a partner to build their campaigns

They also liked work we had done with other fast-growing SAAS startups - particularly the ones with Chrome-extensions

Their goal was to make YouTube Ads the primary customer acquisition channel for their growth.

The Strategy

On YouTube, Helium10's customer was actually engaging in their niche and field of expertise, on every other social media platform they were just browsing their feeds.

We targeted the exact channels and videos that Helium10's potential customers would be watching to learn about Amazon selling, managing their inventory, or just learning about Amazon FBA in general.

As a bonus, we also targeted Helium10's exact competitors (Jungle Scout). That meant we are able to place Helium10 ads even before the competitor's video had started.

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What Did The Ads Look Like?

Below are samples of ads that we helped produce for Helium10 though our Done-For-You Video Service

A Voiceover Ad

A Spokesperson Ad

A Remarketing Ad

The Results

After our 12-month engagement with Helium10, we managed to bring in 1084 new customers with YouTube Ads, at a cost per acquisition of $130 (30% less than the target CPA of $189).

Due to a combination of our work with finding the right target audience, creating the winning ad creatives, and continuous optimization and scaling of our ad campaigns, we were able to drive CPA down while producing sales for Helium10 at a 541x ROI. Just take a look at the chart below to see how we helped our client Helium10 diversify their traffic source while generating more sales

We helped our client Helium10 expand into YouTube Ads, and generated more sales at a lower cost compared to Facebook Ads.

[Mini SaaS Case Study] Our Lead Magnet Campaign that Drove 887 Downloads of Helium10's Chrome Extension

Helium10 also launched a free Chrome Extension as front end lead magnet intended to bring in new customers into their suite of tools.

With just $9500 we were able to get 887 new downloads! That's roughly $10.65 per download.

Testimonial from Helium10

Here is what Matt Benton, the Director of Marketing at Helium10 had to say about Linx's work with Helium 10:

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