High-Ticket Offer Case Study: Achieving Million-Dollar Success in <6 Months

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7x ROAS in less than 6 months through a combination of optimization and smart strategy, leading to a 5x reduction in cost per lead and cost per booked call.


We're going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we helped one of our high ticket offer clients make over a million dollars in less than six months. This client wasn't having much success with paid ads before coming to us, but through the use of three key strategies, we were able to turn things around for them in a big way.

We're excited to share these strategies with you, as we believe that if you incorporate them into your own business, you too can start seeing some serious profits for your offer, whether you work with us or not. These are proven strategies that have worked for us time and time again, and we're confident that they can work for you too. 

So, let's dive in!

About the Client

Our client is a company that offers technology and services to assist healthcare practitioners in running their practices efficiently and effectively.

The range of solutions includes scheduling software, telehealth services, and electronic medical records—all aimed at streamlining operations and improving patient care by reducing administrative burden, thereby allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on delivering high-quality medical services.

The Task at Hand

Prior to partnering with us, our client had already been investing in paid ads. However—despite their efforts—they were not seeing the results they had hoped for. The reason for this was due to the quality of leads they were attracting through these ads.

Understanding the potential of their offer, they sought the help of growth marketing agencies to improve their advertising strategy.

Why Linx?

As a leading authority in the realm of paid advertising and our ability to drive profitability, it was a natural fit for our client to turn to us for assistance. Our track record of success — evidenced by the numerous case studies we have completed — impressed the client and solidified their confidence in our ability to help.

With a deep understanding of the unique demands and complexities of the B2B market, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project we undertake. This allowed us to quickly identify and address the challenges our client was facing, resulting in the achievement of their desired outcomes.

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The Strategy

The Path to Profitable Ads: Determining the Best Platform

The initial step in transforming the client's unprofitable ads was to identify the most productive channel. We adopted an all-inclusive approach, advertising on multiple platforms including Google PPC, Facebook, and YouTube, except for TikTok as it had a small, niche audience. Our initial assumption that finding the target audience on YouTube would be difficult due to its limited total addressable market was confirmed when we found it easier to reach the audience on Facebook.

After evaluating the results, we focused on Facebook as our primary source of traffic.

However, success did not come without a challenge, as many people (including our clients) often make the mistake of giving up too soon. 

The first month of ad campaigns did not yield results, which is not uncommon. But instead of quitting, we saw potential in Facebook, where we observed a decrease in cost per lead. We persevered and focused on maximizing our efforts on Facebook, leading to a successful outcome.

Fine-Tuning the Target Audience

The second crucial step in making the client's ad campaign successful was pinpointing the target audience. 

Given the specificity of the audience, we opted to find them on Facebook. To begin, we targeted alumni from certain medical schools and job titles as our initial audience segments.

As the audience went through the funnel, we took those who became leads and booked calls and used that data to create lookalike audiences. This allowed us to continuously refine our targeting approach, providing the ad platform algorithms with increasingly better data over time.

The next step would have been to simply increase the advertising budget for greater impact, but the client was unable to do so due to limitations in their fulfillment capacity. However, this did not stop us from driving success. 

Instead of relying on increased spending, we focused on optimizing our existing efforts and reducing costs, which allowed us to achieve even more sales within the same budget.

Breaking the Mold: Crafting Unique Optimization Approaches

The client approached us with the challenge of running evergreen webinars—a saturated approach in their niche professional audience. 

Tired of the same old webinars, we decided to switch things up. 

Our initial attempt of using a mini VSL funnel showed improvement, but we wanted more. Recognizing the uniqueness of the offer, we took a bold step and used the ad as the long-form landing page and directed users straight to a Calendly page, resulting in great success. By qualifying prospects on the Calendly page, we were able to maintain a high level of call quality.

Now, most advertisers would have stopped here with a profitable 2x-3x ROAS, but we took it to the next level by removing friction points in the customer journey. 

Instead of directing the ad clicker to a separate page on our website, we utilized Facebook Lead Ads with instant forms to book appointments—streamlining the process. This native function of Facebook allowed for further optimization and stronger audience targeting.

The Results

Thanks to this strategy, we were able to significantly boost the results for our client, and generate over a million in less than 6 months.

We went from generating 40 leads a week to 115 leads per week, and from having zero booked calls a week to 15, all without increasing the budget.

This was achieved through a combination of optimization and smart strategy, leading to a 5x reduction in cost per lead and cost per booked call.

Before we started, the client was not generating any sales and had a return on ad spend of ZERO. However, after implementing our strategies, we were able to drive a return on ad spend of 7x.

This meant that for every $5,000 in ad spend, we generated approximately $40,000 in sales. This is a testament to the impact we were able to have on the client's business through our expertise in optimizing ad campaigns.

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