A 90-Day Success Story: High-Ticket e-Comm Offer Case Study

eCommerce Case Study [YouTube Ads]
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6x Return on Ad Spend in less than 4 months, and a 36% increase in lead-to-booked call conversion.


Video campaigns can be a powerful tool for driving revenue, but only if they are executed properly.

In this case study, we will take a closer look at one of our clients who saw remarkable success in their video campaign in just 90 days. With an investment of $63,000 in the video campaign, our client was able to generate $405,000 in revenue, resulting in a 6.4 return on ad spend and an impressive 36% conversion rate.

About The Client

Our client is a comprehensive e-commerce management solution that assists individuals in building, scaling, and maintaining their online businesses with a "done for you" approach. The company's objective is to provide its clients with the most profitable e-commerce returns currently available.

With a unique "a la carte" approach, clients are able to choose the e-commerce opportunity that best fits their needs and goals.

The Task at Hand

Before our agency began its collaboration with the client, they had already seen success through their Facebook and TikTok advertising efforts, largely due to their effective Video Sales Letter (VSL) funnel. This funnel was designed to pre-frame their offer and qualify potential customers through a form, which allowed the client to only engage with the most qualified leads.

Our challenge was to replicate this achievement on YouTube, utilizing our extensive knowledge and expertise in successful marketing techniques.

Why Linx?

The client sought our expertise as a well-respected authority in YouTube Ads and its impact on profitability. Our portfolio of successful case studies demonstrated our competence and convinced the client to partner with us.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the high-ticket niche market and its intricacies, combined with our extensive experience, allowed us to promptly diagnose and resolve the challenges faced by the client, ultimately leading to the realization of their objectives.

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Our Process

We begin each account by conducting a comprehensive audit and discovery process, which involves analyzing the client's marketing funnel and evaluating their existing creatives to determine their suitability for attracting the right audience and converting them into high-quality video ads.

Our ad strategy is built upon the insights gained during the audit and takes into account various key factors.

The Strategy

Maximizing Success with YouTube Ads: A Proven Funnel Approach

Our media buying strategy began with utilizing a tested funnel. If you have a premium offering, it's crucial to invest in developing a top-notch proposal and optimizing your funnel to ensure optimal results from your YouTube advertising efforts. It's worth noting that even if you haven't tried advertising on other platforms, you can still achieve success with YouTube ads.

Maximizing Results Through Efficient Creative Testing and Targeted Media Buying

With a methodical approach to testing and evaluating creative production, we were able to identify winning ads early on. This allowed us to conduct extensive audience research and targeting efforts, honing in on the ideal customer and the websites they frequently visit. Proven scripts were used, exploring various angles, which resulted in multiple winning ads for the client. By consistently running various creative elements, we were able to maintain a steady stream of booked calls.

Our targeting efforts were driven by a clear understanding of the desired customer, who had a specific household income. Given the high cost of the client's program, we needed to be strategic in our approach, and we were able to achieve a KPI of $201 per booked call. The results were especially impressive given that the booked calls were highly qualified, thanks to our well-researched targeting.

While it may have been possible to lower the cost per booked call further, doing so would have meant attracting unqualified leads—which was not in line with the client's goals.

The Results

Over the past three months, our video campaign investment of $63,000 generated a remarkable $405,000 in revenue, with only 9 sales. The average sale for this client was $45,000, resulting in a 6.4 return on ad spend. Additionally, the client's lead-to-booked call conversion rate was exceptional, reaching 36%.

The success of this client's video campaign is a testament to the power of a combination of a proven funnel, media buying, and retargeting strategies, a unique VSL funnel, and a strong offer and back-end system. These elements all played a crucial role in driving conversions and maximizing return on investment.

The key takeaway from this case study is that with the right approach, YouTube Ads can be a highly effective tool for driving revenue and growing a business.

By the way, we have created a video that provides a more in-depth look at the campaign's analytics. Click this 👇🏼:

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