How We Acquired Qualified Leads for a High-Ticket Done-For-You Company with YouTube Ads [5x ROAS within 2.5 months]

B2B Case Study [YouTube Ads]
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5x ROAS in 2.5 months with YouTube Ads, averaging 300+ qualified leads and 100 booked calls per month

About The Client

Our client has a high-ticket offer aimed at investors - people who have the money upfront to invest in an online business.

It’s in the Done-For-You Professional Services (eComm) space - with a unique VSL + Lead Form application & Book A Call funnel which then leads them to make a sale for $35K+.

They have a similar funnel structure to other businesses operating in this space. 

Customers are sent to a unique VSL. Once the customer has watched the VSL, they fill in a Typeform application to make sure they are a fit for the offer. Customers who are a good fit can then book a call with a member of the sales team. 

The Task at Hand

Our client’s advertising efforts were generating great results on Facebook and TikTok. 

They were getting reasonable call costs on Facebook and TikTok - less than $200 per Booked Call CPA (cost-per-acquisition). And they wanted to replicate this success on YouTube.

But they weren’t able to make advertising on YouTube profitable.

You see, YouTube Ads are a whole other beast not only when it comes to advertising and getting results, but also doing it consistently. Making it very difficult to successfully scale a high-ticket offer on YouTube without already having done it before. 

Why Linx?

Fortunately for our client, we are no strangers to scaling offers. Specifically high-ticket online offers and especially in our client’s particular niche. We've done it multiple times, successfully.

And that played a big part in why our client chose to work with us.

Our Process

We started with the goal in mind - our client wanted to get consistent quality booked calls at a CPA below $200 while scaling with steady ROAS on the account. 

Our strategy right out of the gate was to aggressively test both the creative and media buying side to get to the goal of a CPA below $200 as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Optimizing Creative Production And Media Buying

On the creative side, right from the beginning, we started testing multiple ads with different angles and messaging. 

Their funnel was already proven on other ad platforms. It was just a matter of ensuring that we can get the right ad to the right person at the right time.

So we guided them on creative video production by providing scripts that included variations of hooks, and spokespersons which were tested with different targeting options. 

This rigorous testing allowed us to quickly identify winners.

On the media buying side, we diversified targeting options by utilizing Keyword targeting, Custom Intent, and Custom Affinity - part of the secret sauce that helped us achieve our goal in the end. 

We did not stick to just broad targeting or placements because they usually never work for this kind of offer.

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The Results

The good news is, we were eventually able to stabilize the account and start getting them booked calls that met the KPI they were looking for - less than $200 cost per call and not just any call. We were getting them qualified calls. Over 97% of the calls their sales team received from our ads were qualified.

While we did start off with a high cost per call, we were able to half it in just over a month. Then we halved it again and it only took a few weeks. Bringing it down to $152 CPA, beating the KPI goal set by the client. 

And now, we have scaled our client’s ad campaigns to $1000 / day hitting 5X ROAS consistently each month.

This is a snapshot of our weekly performance report for this client, starting from July 2022 when we took over the account. Week over week, we increased the number of leads and booked calls while reducing the cost-per-call.

The Before & After comparison chart below demonstrates how we helped diversify this client's traffic source and acquire new customers profitably with YouTube advertising.

Check out the video case study we made below that showcases the results we produced for this high-ticket B2B client.

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