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4 Best TikTok Ad Examples & Why They Crushed It

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TikTok Ad Examples
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What makes a great TikTok Ad? 

If you’re someone who is looking for TikTok video ad ideas, you probably have asked yourself this question. 

Join us as we break down 4 winning TikTok ad examples. Learn why these TikTok ad creatives were incredibly effective in driving views, engagement, and conversions, and use them for valuable insights and inspiration to apply to your own TikTok ad campaigns.

How Athletic Greens Leveraged Influencer Marketing for TikTok

@nickiunplugged Get your free immunity bundle from AG1 by Athletic Greens: athleticgreens.com/nickim #momsoftiktok #momenergy ♬ Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic - Kenji Ueda

Athletic Greens is an online fitness brand in the eCom space that offers all forms of health-supporting nutritional supplements. 

Looking for a brand new way to expand their customer reach organically, they opted for an influencer approach in their TikTok campaign — partnering up with established influencers with a trusted following to run a simple 52-sec ad.

The goal was to create a non-intrusive ad that raised awareness about their offer organically, without hard selling or coming across as salesy on their messaging. And it's safe to say, they accomplished exactly that.

The ad consisted of a simple overlay with minimal edits that fit seamlessly with the style of content usually seen on TikTok. Simply put, all the “selling” was done in the first 10 seconds of the ad. It starts off with the primary hook of the video — day in the life of a content Mom — which purposely calls out the main target audience for this campaign: everyday moms who want to get their fitness on point.

Then they introduced the offer with some non-intrusive captions that read: “free one year supply of vitamin D + 5 travel packs FREE w/ your first purchase!” — which is a subtle CTA that links to the main product the brand was trying to push.

From then on… the ad looked exactly like it was intended to look: like a normal TikTok video. A content mom making a real connection with her audience.

And the result? 

  • More than 1.9M views. 
  • And 1% engagement on an ad that went viral on TikTok.

Main takeaway: Try to blend in with the style of content created on TikTok. Create non-intrusive messaging with subtle CTAs that introduce your offer organically — no hard selling here. If your offer is strong enough, it will get the job done.

How To Cater Your Ad To Your Audience The V-Shred Way

V-Shred is a fitness company that offers multiple programs on how to lose weight, get jacked, and develop a 6-pack in the shortest time frame possible. They recently took the TikTok world by storm with a simple 58-sec ad that showcases the importance of catering your messaging to your audience.

Their ad kicks off with a stunning visual of a guy with a ripped physique right from the get-go. Which is a subtle way to provide credibility for the rest of the ad.

Now, arguably one of the best ways to hook your prospect early on is with a question. “What’s the fastest way to get your dream body?” This engages the prospect — and gets him thinking about his desires & goals and why he hasn’t gotten his dream body yet. The ad proceeds to mention a few of the solutions available in the market… which the prospect has likely already tried but failed to deliver results/work for him.

This accomplishes two purposes: 1) it calls out/drills on the prospect's pain points and 2) it builds up intrigue and gives the prospect the hope that what you’re about to reveal might be the “secret sauce” he was missing all this time.

Very subtle. But this enters into the conversation the prospect is already having in his head and gets him invested in what you’re about to say.

V-Shred introduces the idea of how reaching your fitness goals is nothing more than a “straight line”. A catchy concept that basically implies that getting in shape is simple — and not as complicated as others make it out to be. 

They present a compelling solution: a free quiz that educates you on your specific body type and shows you the easiest way to achieve your desired result. This quiz didn’t require you to leave an email — which made it friction-free and super easy to say yes.

The quiz breaks down the customer avatar for every prospect… and at the end of each, there’s a $67 offer that’s tailored-made based on the specific answers you gave. Which brought an element of personalization that each prospect certainly appreciated.

And the result? V Shred got plenty of prospects through the door (and sold a $67 offer that is likely an appetizer for the rest of the programs remaining on their funnel.)

Main Takeaway: VShred was able to pull this off because they knew their target audience and how to tailor their messaging in a way that would land a response out of them. Always aim to personalize your marketing to your prospect and find new ways to present your offer as unique and different from other solutions in the market.

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How Tabs Chocolate Went Viral With This TikTok Ad

Tabs is a recently released chocolate bar brand with a romantic flare to it; they offer chocolate bars that you can split with your partner whenever you’re hanging out. This company ran an ad that went viral on TikTok and got plenty of people interested in the prospect of trying out one of these “magical” bars. 

What’s most interesting about their approach with this campaign is that: 1) not one word is uttered in the entire ad — it's only 12 seconds long so it's pure text with some catchy background music. And 2) it didn’t have a CTA at all.

Placing background music on the video made all the difference. Since most of the organic, user-generated reels made on this platform have some form of background music in them — Tabs wanted to follow the playbook and produce an ad that felt just as organic as a regular TikTok you see on your feed. 

This meant… no CTAs. Sadly, on TikTok as opposed to YouTube or Facebook, Ads repeat time and time again. They sneak into your feed various times, so essentially, adding a CTA downgrades the ad's rewatchability by a long shot.

As the saying goes: the best TikTok ads… don’t look like ads.

Now, nearly half of the video ad was spent on the hook — arguably the most important part of your ad — and it plays on the mystery/intrigue that this company wanted to convey with their product in the first place. 

The purposeful wording of this ad positioned these “special” chocolate bars as a mysterious way to improve your love life. The reason why was not implied… but it didn’t need to. The imagery and hype surrounding the ad gave it a life of its own. And it allowed Tabs to sell an experience rather than just a product.

All of these without even having to say a word (lesson in there.) And results speak for themselves:

  • Over $500K in the first few days of launch; and
  • Over 6 million views on TikTok.

Main Takeaway: The biggest reason why Tabs crushed it big time was their messaging. They sold a promise, a solution — not just the features of the product. At no time were the ingredients of the chocolate bar mentioned or even implied, and that shows that what really gets your prospects moving is the inherent benefit they will land from your offer.

Let this subtle ad serve as a good example of how you can imply things with your marketing without the need to even say them out loud.

How To Appeal To Your Target’s Emotions: The Teema Towel Experience


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♬ Promoted Music - TeemaTowels

Teema Towels was one of the few brands we analyzed that didn’t leverage any form of influencer marketing in their campaigns. At all.

But that still didn’t stop them from crushing it with their punchy 39-second video ad. The ad gets right into it from the jump. And right from the get-go, you can notice what most of the appeal this ad was aiming for: emotion.

In the very first 5 seconds of the ad, Teema made an effort to show satisfied customers getting their towels for the first time; but most importantly, showing how ecstatic they were from finally getting one. And that was the hook. 

All throughout this TikTok ad, you see sharp visuals of customers loving their Teema Towels. The ad really did a great job at playing on the emotions of the audience, and conveying that these towels would make you feel a certain way. We’ve all seen those Coca-Cola Christmas commercials. 

If you’re able to associate good feelings with your product — especially one of the biggest ones you can leverage in all of advertising: happiness! — this will really go a long way to push your prospect over the fence, and get him to buy from you.

Besides this fact… Teema was also able to appeal to a larger group of people. They tailored their visuals and messaging in a way that would allow them to cast a wider net. Whether you’re in your 20s or way past your 60s — Teema was for you. And this was shown in the impressive numbers this brand was able to generate once it was all said & done:

  • More than 3.5M views;
  • 41K likes; and
  • Over 1% engagement.

And of course, this will all mean nothing if Teema wasn’t able to increase sales for this product. So what did Teema do to skyrocket orders on their site? Simple.

At the end of the ad, they made an irresistible offer the prospect could hardly say no to: buy 3, and get one FREE. What’s great about this CTA, is that it encourages prospects to stock up and order more than one towel. Which naturally, increased AOV (average order value) in their site. Simply brilliant.

Main takeaway: If you really think about it, there wasn’t anything life-changing about these towels Teema was promoting. They were regular towers that you could probably get at any store next door. But by playing into the emotions, and projecting powerful feelings to their audience through strong messaging and visuals… Teema was able to not only turn the mundane into the dazzling — but also appeal to a wider audience in the process.

Always think of how you're tailoring your messaging to your audience. When you’re running campaigns on TikTok (or any platform for that matter) you always want to cater your offer to the masses — especially if you’re selling eCom products.

Ready To Take Off With TikTok Advertising?

These are the top 4 TikTok ads we thought could help you get your creative juices flowing to launch your own winning TikTok campaigns.  Combine these inspirational TikTok ad examples with a solid video marketing strategy, and you are on the right track to nailing TikTok advertising creatives.

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