Leveraging TikTok Top Ads To Boost Your Ad Returns

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April 23, 2024

If you’re running TikTok Ads for your online business right now, or have been thinking about getting into the action soon—then buckle up, because what we’re about to share with you in this guide might help you 10x returns on your TikTok Advertising!

In the next few minutes, we’ll show you how to leverage the ‘TikTok Top Ads’ tool to get an edge on your competition, inspire future advertising success, and land insights from top-performing Ads that’ll be worth their weight in gold.

But first things first…

What is ‘TikTok Top Ads’?

Launched a little over a year ago, ‘Top Ads’ is an Ad Library tool where you can search for the best-performing TikTok Ad campaigns by multiple filters. In other words, you can get access (in real-time) to the cream of the crop in TikTok Advertising.

Picture it like Facebook’s Ad Library, but slightly better (and on TikTok).

Now—needless to say, a tool like this is immensely valuable not only if you’re a newbie that’s looking for inspiration on campaigns, but a seasoned veteran who’s conducting research for his business (but more on that in a bit…).

First, let’s dive a little bit deeper into the exact features and insights you get once you sign up to this tool.

See, the platform provides a wide range of search filters to navigate through the Ad listings, which include ‘Ad Type’, ‘Region’ and ‘Industry’.

Plus, you can then further filter your results by time frame (say, last 7 or 180 days) and performance (reach, CTR, and 2 second view rate.) It encompasses a great deal of valuable metrics you can use hone in on the ideal examples you want for your business.

Once you stumble upon an Ad that strikes your fancy, you can view the clickthrough rate, conversion rate, clicks, and number of conversions said Ad brought in real-time. This allows you to gauge how well this type of campaign is actually doing in your market, and use this heap of insight to judge opportunities and discover potential areas of improvement.

You even get access to insights that allow you to compare the results of your current Ad with the industry average (or see how many people are converting relative to how many seconds of the Ad they’re watching!)

All in all, this tool is a heaven-sent for anyone who seeks to get involved with TikTok Advertising. It has plenty of use-cases for any online business you can think of…

And we’ll cover our 5 biggest ones right now. With that said here are:

The Top 5 Use-Cases For The Top Ads Tool

#1. Get Creative Inspiration From Top Ads in Your Niche

Obviously, one of the most valuable use-cases for the Top Ads tool is to use it for creative inspiration for your campaigns.

Here you have access to the single best-performing Ads in all of TikTok. By utilizing the search filters, you can stumble on some great, niche-specific sources of inspiration for your own advertising efforts.

#2. Spy On Your Competitors

If you haven’t thought so already, having access to such a filter-rich tool comes in real handy once you’re conducting competitor research. 

You can collect insight from Ads that are working in your industry right now! This is invaluable.

It essentially gives you the ability to study the winning campaigns/funnels/sales strategies from your competition in real-time and find weak points you can leverage to create a more compelling & unique marketing angle that helps you stand out (or if you already got some traction with your own TikTok Advertising, you can use this tool to size up your results to theirs)

Why reinvent the wheel when you can draw inspiration from what's already demonstrated success (note the emphasis on "inspiration"; copying your competitors' content verbatim would only harm you in the long run)?

Competitor research serves as a fantastic starting point, offering invaluable insights into what has been proven to convert in your market. The knowledge gained is truly priceless.

And by the way, we made a full tutorial on how to conduct effective competitor research on TikTok. So if you’re at all interested, don’t forget to take a look at it below.

A lot of beginners struggle to get their creative juices flowing, and this stops them from even starting with TikTok advertising in the first place. But with Top Ads everything is a lot more easier now (long are the days where you had to start off with a blank slate.)

It even has a feature to help you save eye-catching Ads in your collection for later.

#3. Find Sounds For Commercial Use

Unlike YouTube and Facebook Ads, the vast majority of TikTok demographics is Gen Z. That is, people under 30 years of age respectively. 

So therefore, the Ad style on this platform is slightly different. It’s very music-driven, so in order to win, you better include some catchy tunes in your Ads.

And speaking of which, I probably should tell you about TikTok’s music policy.

See, there are only certain sounds that TikTok allows brands to use in ads for commercial purposes. If you try to use a tune that is not approved by TikTok themselves, your Ad might get slapped.

Which is honestly not worth it. You might as well hover around the Creative Center for a complete library of all songs that can be used in Ads.

Another thing TikTok gives you access to is a page with all the trending songs that are popping on TikTok.

You can view both the most popular and breakout songs, and filter them by country and by time period, or study the audience range and interests for those specific songs.

Now, admittedly, most of these trending songs will not be available for commercial use; but if you’re lucky, you might get some help from TikTok’s “similar ready-to-use music” feature which can show you songs that have a similar vibe to the one you like, but are approved for commercial use.

That way you’re not left high and dry.

#4. Discover Top Keywords

Now while the previous use case and the next two are not part of the Top Ads tool per se. They still form part of the Creative Center in TikTok, and they can definitely help you out in your advertising efforts very much.

And just like trending music, you can use the Ads Library to find the top keywords on TikTok for a specific industry/location.

A very important aspect of a successful Ad campaign is keyword research. Until recently, TikTok lacked a feature enabling users to discover relevant keywords for their campaigns. However, a month ago, TikTok introduced Keyword Insights, which now allows you to monitor the top-performing keywords in your industry in real-time.

It's another win for TikTok.

#5. Discover The Best Hashtags

And last but not least—TikTok also gathers all of the top-performing hashtags in one place (go to Trends in the top menu and then select “Hashtags”). 

And, you guessed it, just like songs and keywords you can filter by region, industry and time posted. On top of seeing real-time analytics of the target audience that uses these hashtags.

This last tool is especially powerful for organic TikTok reach, but it can also give you some compelling ideas for your advertising journey.

Alright, now that you’re caught up with all the potential use-cases for the Top Ads tool, here's—

How To Get Started With The Tool

Step #1. Create your TikTok business account. You can do so by going to this page here (it’s free.)

Step #2. Go to ads.tiktok.com on a desktop computer and launch the creative center. Then hover around the top bar to find access to all the tools in the creative center (such as keyword insights, hashtags, songs, etc.).

Step #3. From the home page, click on Inspiration, then select Top Ads Dashboard to see top-performing ads.

And then you’re off to the races!

Looking To Get Started On TikTok?

If you’d like some help conducting target research for your next TikTok Ad campaign, schedule a free strategy call with us to see how we can help you out!

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