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3 Tips to Creating An Effective YouTube Video Ad

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YouTube Video Ad Creatives
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How do you create successful YouTube ads?

What major elements do you need if you want your YouTube video ad to be highly profitable?

Read on to learn three important steps to creating successful YouTube ads, and make sure that your YouTube ad strategy will be effective.

Step 1. Have a Great Hook

It is essential to grab the viewer’s attention right from the start.

A great hook will draw your target audience in, and make them think, “I’d like to hear more about this.” Try to come up with various hooks you could use in the first 5-10 seconds of your ad to intrigue viewers and make them want to watch your video. We usually see great hooks correlating to great cost-per-actions (CPA’s).

You might find some inspiration from Alex Becker, who does an excellent job creating attention-grabbing hooks for his videos.

Step 2. See What Video Creatives Work

Do some research to find out which video creatives are working well in your industry. Look for ads that you see often.

What are some elements they have that you can implement?

You’ll always want to go over the benefits and have a strong call-to-action (CTA), but what are some unique video creatives being used by successful companies in your industry?

For example, in the marketing niche, some people we get inspiration from for creating unique hooks and video creatives are:

  • Tai Lopez
  • Sam Owens
  • Alex Becker
  • Wilco De Kreij

In addition to looking at successful people in your industry (with YouTube ads spy tools for instance), look at your video ads from the past:

  • What worked, and what didn’t?
  • Can you replicate anything from your most successful ads?
  • Are there any elements from unrelated ads you’ve run that you might be able to apply here?

One of the most successful video ads we scripted for a client was one in which we utilized:

  • the intro we wrote for a past client (in the fitness niche)
  • internet marketing scripts that were working well for us

We combined successful elements from two unrelated niches we worked in, and that allowed us to create a video ad on YouTube that resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for our client.

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Step 3. Experiment and Iterate

Split testing is key. Run two ads with different hooks, but keep everything else the same.

Run split tests with the CTA being slightly different, and others with the background being different. This helps you pinpoint which specific elements are the most (and least) successful for you, and make the proper adjustments. Small details like those can make an enormous impact on the success of your videos, so it benefits you to split test as many elements as you can.

Make sure you run the split tests long enough to get reliable data. Once you have a winning YouTube video ad, keep experimenting with variations to continue improving it.

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