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Diversify Your Traffic Source with TikTok Ads

Diversify your traffic sources and stay ahead of the competition. Be an early adopter with TikTok ads and take advantage of the lowest CPMs & CPCs that we have seen on a competitive ads platform in years.

Whether you want to build brand awareness, drive sales, or generate qualified leads for your business, Linx Digital is the TikTok Ads Agency for you.

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Learn why TikTok is a seriously effective ad platform, and uncover how we ran highly profitable TikTok ad campaigns to get our clients more leads and sales.

Our Process

Here at Linx Digital, we have consistently helped our clients scale their businesses with video ads. Our experienced team will help you find the right audiences, create highly effective TikTok ads, and optimize your ad campaigns to ensure the highest ROAS for your brand.

Here is what to expect when you work with us:

High-Level Strategy Plan

We take a deep dive into your business and figure out exactly who your customers are, and how to best position your offer for the best results. In this period we also sit with you to map out a high-level strategy plan that aligns with your core goals.

Ad Creatives that Convert
We’ll ask you for a brief before a brainstorming session to come up with hooks & calls to action. Then we’ll jump right into scripting. We’ll come up with multiple variations of hooks, call to actions, variations on the body itself, different angles, basically ad variations to combine to see which is the right messaging for your audience.

Testing, Optmizing, and Scaling
This stage consists of us launching your campaigns and working our magic. We test everything here, including your audiences, copy, email and other remarketing lists. Once we get things rolling and see that the offer is working, we start scaling your campaigns. This means maximizing your ad spend for the most amount of results. We may tweak things along the way, but at this stage our goal is to take your business as far as it can with TikTok ads.

What Clients Are Saying

Matt Clark, Amazing.com

“ Linx drives consistent results and optimizes for the right metrics.”

— Matt Benton, Director of Marketing at Helium10

“Linx Digital have figured out how to profitably scale Indestructible Shoes marketing campaigns. From the start of the engagement they consistently increased ROAS month over month, getting us to over a 2.4 ROAS by month four. The impact on our brand is incredible as we’re hitting our direct response goals”

- Indestructible Shoes CEO

Trusted by awesome businesses

Sol, Digital Advertising Strategist

Get Free TikTok Ads Strategy Advice

Jump on a free strategy call with us so we can advise how we can help you grow your company. In our 30 minute strategy session we’ll provide:
✓ A detailed analysis of your ads strategy
✓  Present specific feedback for the next steps to scale your business

Note that we offer both Training and Done-for-You agency options, and will suggest the best option for you depending on where your business is at.

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